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Puk Scharbau

Founder, Advisor and Executive Coach

Puk has 16 years of experience with more than 150 companies working with leader, team and change communication. Since 2002, she has worked with more than 5000 leaders and specialists on optimising their communication, collaboration and presentation competencies. 

Puk is an expert in change and leader communication and develops and supports leaders as an executive coach. A very skilled facilitator and trainer, Puk designs customised and interactive conferences and workshops for individuals, teams and groups. At present, she is lead trainer at Novo Nordisk’s leader communication and presentation workshops, both in Denmark and at international affiliates. 

Puk is a professionally trained and award-winning actress. She has a bachelor’s degree in media and oral rhetoric, and is certified as leader and process consultant, adult educator and change agent. She is currently working toward a master’s degree in international business coaching.


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Tine Lassenius Kramp 

Tine holds a master’s degree in economics and has 25 years of experience working with investment banking, the pharmaceutical industry and management consulting.
She is a curious, creative thinker, who engages in facilitating change and communication processes that generate tangible outcomes. She thrives when designing custom-made, unconventional training programmes for leadership development and impactful end-to-end communication. Like Puk, Tine is currently enrolled in an international business coaching master’s degree programmes and does a fair amount of leadership coaching.

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Mette  Bennekou

Mette is a senior communication consultant with 15 years of experience in the field of leader communication, internal communication and change communication.

When it comes to designing and facilitating large workshop and conference formats through a co-creative and collaborative process, Mette has an excellent track record. She develops and expedites personalised concepts through dialogue and a high level of involvement.

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I enjoy having cooperative relationships with wonderful people and colleagues, such as advisors, co-trainers, facilitators, journalists and public affairs professionals from Denmark's leading communication and advisory companies.

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