I was very impressed with how quickly you grasped my ambitions during the briefing meeting. I was thrilled to see you deliver to perfection. You have enhanced my team’s ability to make an impact on our business
— Claudia Lillebjerg Simonsen, Vice President People & Organization, Milestone

Leader communication



“Novo Nordisk has been working closely with Puk Scharbau for almost a decade. Initially, it had to do with video-based dramatizations of real-life dilemmas from the corporate world. These videos have subsequently been used by the company to inspire and facilitate dialogue between managers and their teams.

Four years ago, Puk co-developed a leader communication training course with us, based on an analysis of the pain points that managers in Novo Nordisk experience in relation to their personal communication within their teams.

The courses have been held at our headquarters as well as at our affiliates around the world. They have been tremendously successfully because they address some very relevant challenges related to translating strategic content into a locally relevant context, as well as how to embrace resistance when employees react to change.

We have enjoyed working with Puk. She offers a rare combination of experience in the fields of drama, management consulting and leadership training. Her ability to co-produce with her clients and the application of relevant theoretical models is extremely value-adding.”

Vice President, Organisational Communication, Novo Nordisk


Workshops - Value adding, interactive and co-creative



“Puk Scharbau designed and facilitated a very successful co-creative workshop for our 45 employees at Innovationsfonden, focusing on answering our WHY question. "Why are we here, and what value do we create for our stakeholders?" The purpose was to challenge the WHY we had already formulated and to give our employees the opportunity to have a deeper impression. The workshop resulted in an update of the way we communicate about our profile."

Director, Innovationsfonden.


"Super engaging workshop that was a lot of fun and which had very good feedback from all the participants. Very tangible actions were identified and refined during the workshop, which enabled efficient execution afterwards. The workshop focused on improving cross-functional communication and collaboration. It raised awareness of communication preferences on a personal level and the challenges associated with them. The workshop also identified key drivers for improved cross-functional collaboration throughout the organisation."

Strategic Operations Director, Europe East and General Manager, Baltics at Novo Nordisk


“Thank you Puk. With your extensive experience, you were able to point out examples and draw on your impressive theoretical knowledge about ‘my’ professional field as a human resources expert and leader. You gave us such an amazing and value-adding day about the potential of emotional communication.” 

Vice President People & Organization