The courses have been held at our headquarters and at our affiliates around the world. They have been tremendously successful at addressing some very relevant challenges related to translating strategic context into locally relevant direction, as well as how to embrace resistance when employees react to change
— Vice President, Novo Nordisk

Leader communication training formats
- design, development and facilitation



With us you will get customized workshops, training and a well-tested and easy adaptable leader communication tool-box that targets day-to-day communication, change communication and strategy implementation.

We have been rated 4.8 on average on a 5 point scale for our two-day leader communication training for middle managers

Our tried and true format targets the typical communication challenges faced by middle managers or team leaders. Since 2013, we have been successfully facilitating this training in Denmark and internationally at major corporations including Novo Nordisk. 

The training format focuses on the communication roles held by middle managers and their most challenging communication situations: strategy communication, change communication and day to day communication. We present the leaders with a receiver-focused approach and a set of simple techniques and tools that are easy to apply in diverse situations. During the two-day course, we focus on how to communicate as leaders who enable others, through the use of dialogue, involvement, storytelling and powerful questions. We explore how to mitigate change resistance. We address real-life cases through a combination of interactive exercises, using peers as sparring partners who share impressions and feedback.

The training format is designed for 8-14 team leaders or specialists and can be customised for other group sizes as well. Please contact Puk Scharbau for more details.

We conduct leader communication assessments and provide individual coaching for leaders, helping them to gain personal insight, practice reflection and catalyse personal development.

Leader communication and presentation training format

We also support you in creating game-changing presentations by applying proven techniques and tools for delivering key messages and reaching the receivers with greater impact. You can see an example here:


Individual leader communication and presentation training format



It’s all about finding your communication style while remaining true to your values.

With customised training, we work with your specific communication challenges.

Crafting messages starts with strategic preparation

With your receivers in focus, we focus on preparing and structuring your messages using tested communication and rhetoric tools. We go over dialogue skills, the art of asking questions, how to handle resistance gracefully and how to use storytelling to create emotional impact.

Communication - practical preparation

We apply body centering, vocal exercises and physical postures as techniques that transform your communication and leadership presence into a centered, connected, dynamic force.

Puk found the perfect way to work with us and we have learned so much.
Strong communication skills are crucial to building trust-based relationships with your customers. Working with front-end services at NNE, our team of 20 needs continuous training to maintain and develop these skills. Having heard many endorsements regarding Puk’s services in this field, we
engaged her to help us on this journey. During our training with Puk, each of us strengthened our impact in relation to dealing with customers and in planning communication and presentations. We also practiced giving and receiving feedback, which is now a topic on the agenda at all staff meetings going forward
— Sanne Lindhardt, Director, NNE
Managers spent an average of 66% and 80% of their time in verbal communication.
— Henry Mintzberg, Professor of management