How we do it


Our unique approach



Our training methods are based on the principles of communication, rhetoric and leadership theory as well as acting techniques.  

As we explore your relational communication and internal dialogue, we also apply research from behavioural psychology and neuroscience to come up with the perfect way to get your message across.

We address current cases and work on developing the right mindset and practicing communication techniques in simulated real-life situations.

In practice, we combine theory with interactive exercises and explore how to use your verbal and non-verbal communication strategically. We apply body centering, vocal and physical techniques to instantly increase your leadership presence and transform you into a centered, connected, dynamic communicator.


The 3C Communication Model



Before you can connect with other people, you need to be centered within and aware of your values. Only then can you genuinely connect with others and build trust through communication.

When you employ all three Cs, you utilise your full communication potential. You center yourself to create an authentic message, you use the message to connect with others, and you communicate it consistently. This method enables you to shift mindsets and achieve your communication goals.

We train you in all three areas, offering techniques, insights and training formats that strengthen and develop your leadership and communication skills.

This three C model of communication is what we call Wiser Communication. Applying this model optimises performance at every level, from leadership to team work, from personal goals to corporate results.

Our vision



By optimizing communication through centering, connections and conversations, we strive to support leaders and teams in improving collaboration, achieving high performance and reaching ambitious personal and business goals.