I have had the pleasure of working with Puk on a one-to-one basis for Leader Communication training and coaching. I am very pleased with the ways Puk has supported my leadership and communication journeys. Puk is very resourceful at finding new techniques, sources of inspiration and perspectives to help me improve specific skills.
Her coaching is versatile and adaptable. She guides you through a variety of work situations.
Puk’s personal life story inspires you to dream big and take an active role in becoming a better version of yourself. Puk is an amazing coach
— Cristina Sima, Senior Manager, Novo Nordisk A/S

Executive coaching - developing you and your leadership



As a coach I'm here to facilitate wiser conversations that focus on your leadership, personal development, and immediate needs and challenges.  

I inspire you to explore new possibilities and ways of thinking and acting, even in challenging situations. You learn how to gain the trust of others and have more honest and exploratory conversations with peers, employees and stakeholders, even in situations when you are under pressure.

Identifying your core values is a valuable foundation. They can support you in establishing a “center" from which you lead people more effectively.


Coaching sessions



I also offer both business and coaching sessions to those who are not in management, but would like a sparring partner or coaching, either professionally or in your personal life.


Big five personality test



The Big Five personality test is a psychological assessment tool and a potential starting point for your development journey. The test is based on psychiatric research and measures the five factors of important personality characteristics. Your personal report gives you valuable insights into your 5 personality traits and related coping strategies:

  • Need for Stability

  • Extraversion

  • Openness

  • Accomodation

  • Conscientiousness


Example of a 5- 10 session format

  • Session 1: Exploring the challenge: Defining the goal

  • Session 2-4 or 2-9: The work: Exploring, challenging and inspiring, while maintaining focus on the goal 

  • Session 5 or 10: Closing session: Status on goal and outcome

Cost - 60 min session

  • Corporate session 2500 DKK plus VAT

    • 10% reduction on 10 conversations - 22.500 DKK plus VAT

  • Private session 1200 DKK ex VAT

    • 10% reduction on 10 conversations 10.800 DKK plus VAT

Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy
— General Norman Schwarzkopf