I have just delivered the presentation that I’ve been fearing for a long time and used all the tricks and insights you shared with us. It was brief, concise and to the point. Management had no comments and they all nodded happily. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom – that’s what made me ‘win’ today
— Project lead, Global development

Individual communication and presentation training



It's all about finding a communication style of your own and staying true to your values.

The training enables you to communicate complex messages clearly, in a way that engages and involves your listeners. It helps you to connect with people on both rational and emotional levels.

We work with practical exercises, figuring out your mindset and self-image through the use of communication techniques and preparation templates and video recording. You get specific feedback on your personal communication challenges, how to meet your needs and how to refine your speaking style.

Crafting messages starts with strategic preparation

With your receivers in focus, we focus on preparing and structuring your messages using tested communication and rhetoric tools. We go over dialogue skills, the art of asking questions, how to handle resistance gracefully and how to use storytelling to create emotional impact.

Communication - practical preparation

We apply body centering, vocal exercises and physical postures as techniques that transform your communication and leadership presence into a centered, connected, dynamic force.

Puk’s skills as a communication trainer combined with her professional training as an actress make her an excellent instructor and advisor. I highly recommend Wiser Communication to leaders and executives who would like to reach a higher performance level. Puk served as my personal communication coach and advisor while I was preparing for my chairmanship of ISPE in 2013. She contributed with rhetorical and strategic input for the message making and writing for my keynote speeches. She helped me practice my personal communication skills, so I could take the stage in front of an international crowd of 1800 members with confidence
— Charlotte Enghave Fruergaard Partner, Global Consulting, NNE Pharmaplan