We are here to enhance your communication, leadership and collaboration skills

We enjoy working with Wiser Communication and Puk Scharbau who has a rare combination of experience within drama, management consulting and leadership training. The application of her substantial experience, her adaptation of relevant theoretical models and her ability to co-produce with clients are all extremely value-additive
— Vice President, Novo Nordisk

Serving the needs of our clients



Leaders inspired to grow as communicators in day-to-day leadership, as well as during change

- and strategy implementation. Leaders who wish to gain value from our best practice leader communication framework and toolbox


Interactive workshop and conference designs for anywhere from 8 to 400 people

- on communication or change. We support with design, development and facilitation in Denmark and internationally


Teams wishing to strengthen their collaboration, build high performance teams

- and achieve their goals by optimising their communication andd improving their ability to handle conflicts


People wishing to gain influence through high impact presentations

- and who are looking for best practice methods to prepare their message and connect with their receivers


Leadership teams wanting to define their WHY or purpose and communicate the reasons behind why they do what they do

- and who focus on communication that is aligned with their values


People and organisations striving to navigate changes succesfully

-who seek advice and training on how to use change communication as a catalyst for succesful change


People who would like to master how to ask mind-changing questions

- and facilitate dialogues that encourage collaboration and make people and teams think with a shared sense of purpose


Leaders and specialists who seek coaching to develop their personal leadership

- and gain clarity around core values and be guided by them in communication and collaboration with others


Leaders and teams wanting to create a better feedback culture and optimise collaboration

- by useing tried and true interactive training techniques that focus on practical work, real-life cases and role playing


What wiser communication offers



We facilitate conversations that connect people. We ask questions that change mindsets and shed light on where to focus your energy to achieve your goals. 

We have vast experience in optimising communication, collaboration and performance for individual leaders and specialists as well as teams.

Since 2002, we have been working in Denmark and internationally to support more than 5000 leaders with training and the implementation of our tried and tested best practice leader communication framework. 


How we do it



Our unique approach

Our training methods are based on the principles of communication, rhetoric and leadership theory as well as acting techniques.  

As we explore your relational communication and internal dialogue, we also apply research from behavioural psychology and neuroscience to come up with the perfect way to get your message across.

We practice receiver-focused communication in simulated real-life cases.

The 3C communication model

Before you can connect with other people, you need to be centered within and aware of your values. Only then can you genuinely connect with others and build trust through communication.

When you employ all three Cs, you utilise your full communication potential. You center yourself to create an authentic message, you use the message to connect with others, and you communicate it consistently. This method enables you to shift mindsets and achieve your communication goals.

We train you in all three areas, offering techniques, insights and training formats that strengthen and develop your leadership and communication skills.

This three C model of communication is what we call Wiser Communication. Applying this model optimises performance at every level, from leadership to team work, from personal goals to corporate results.

our vision

By optimizing communication through centering, connections and conversations, we strive to support leaders and teams in improving collaboration, achieving high performance and reaching ambitious personal and business goals.

In today’s business world good communication skills are no longer a “nice to have”, they are absolutely vital. Having the most amazing business ideas is one thing, communicating those ideas to inspire others is quite another.
— Steve Knight, Insead